Everything Is Spiritual Tour

New York Times bestselling author Rob Bell is a master at making connections that most of us miss. And his latest tour is more of the same.

I had the privilege this week of being part of a small audience seeing the latest iteration of his Everything Is Spiritual tour for the first time. Launching June 24-25 at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, Everything Is Spiritual is a joyful exploration of our ever expanding universe and what it means for how we live and interact in the world. Over the course of 90 minutes, Rob will make surprising connections between the universe you’re living in and the life you’re living, showing you how science and spirituality are long lost dance partners. Wherever you’re coming from and whatever you’re wrestling with, let the Everything Is Spiritual tour experience inspire, provoke, challenge, and give you hope as together you explore and enjoy this beautiful, mysterious, and endlessly fascinating world.

The first leg of the tour will cover 32 cities from June 24-August 10. You can find all of the tour dates here. And if you're interested in reading up prior to the event, you can find his books available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere books are sold.